Plank Door With Sidelights And Speakeasy – 2385GP


Exterior Entrance Door With Sidelights And Speakeasy

Castle Door Design With Sidelights Designed From The Historical Record.
Castle Doors built in the same hand and materials as the original. Fine art hand forged genuine black smithed hardware, including heavy duty precision barrel hinges. Order custom doors handcrafted by the world’s finest master craftsmen building fine art entrance doors in America since 1913. This custom wood exterior door features genuine hand forged wrought iron hinges, portal grill, and door handle and is pre-hung in a structural jamb. Handmade for your residential or commercial property our exterior custom doors are available in any size, style and finish.

Custom Wood Doors – Exterior Entrance with Sidelights

Take a look at the photos above to see all the wonderful details of this fine art handmade custom exterior wood door.

All wood doors custom made at ArtFactory.com are designed by in house artist H.J. Nick – with many exterior doors inspired from historical castles and manor houses of the old world. All custom wood doors are handmade by master craftsmen in the original craft of the era. We use only the highest quality natural air dried materials available for our curved wood doors. This exterior door is custom made from solid 4-inch thick solid cedar cypress – full length, natural air dried timber – constructed using hand hewn mortise and tenon joinery.

All wood species available for your custom exterior door. Structural door jambs 3″ – 5″ thick with 1″ seal surface using full length solid timber (no fake laminates, scarf joints or glued up parts, and no veneers) for a perfect seal. Master craftsmanship that ensures your windows and doors will stand the test of time becoming a true investment quality family heirloom and valuable appreciable asset. All carvings are hand carved by our master carvers (no cnc or faux casted resin carving). All wood door surfaces include a fine art 10 process hand rubbed finished to world class antique collectors standards (no spray on faux fast paint jobs). Solid long timber engineered to twice hurricane code worldwide – virtually maintenance free.

All of our high-end wood entrance doors are available with a variety of custom door hardware options, all crafted by the hands of our master blacksmiths using solid, hand forged, anvil hammered, and patina finished wrought iron. All exterior doors include adjustable self closing tension hinges, all weather stripping, mechanical door sweep, roller style door latches, locks, and crush-proof adjustable threshold. Make a lasting first impression with custom exterior doors from ArtFactory.com.

Wood exterior doors custom made at ArtFactory.com for residential and commercial entrances. Request pricing on your custom wood doors by calling 1-800-292-0008.



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