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Noble Lion Door Hardware Custom Iron Door KnockerNoble Lion Door Hardware Custom Iron Door Knocker

Noble Lion Door Hardware Custom Iron Door Knocker – LK1800


Real Wrought Iron, Really Hand Forged
Enhance Your Style with a Lion Custom Iron Door Knocker

Lions are noble creatures that cultures around the world have admired for more than 17,000 years. That?s a long time! What better way to compliment your door than with an outstanding, real hand forged Lion Door Knocker. All of our Custom Door Hardware is made by authentic blacksmiths in our own American factory. Each iron door knocker is heat patinated to never rust – simply install and admire the new regal look of your door. It?s that easy.

Custom Door Hardware Inspired by the Mighty Beast

Lion in Namibia
Male lion in Africa


Lions are the world?s second largest cat (tigers being number one), and humanity has been fascinated by them for millennia – a male lion?s beautiful mane makes it?s face one of the most widely recognized animal symbols. Lions are historically known as the ?King of Beasts,? leading various cultures to view them as brave, noble, strong, and as a source of healing.

Lion cave paintings
Cave paintings in Chauvet Cave in France


Door Hardware, Custom Iron with Big Appeal

Imagine owning custom door hardware you never need to replace. Each door knocker is built for the long run and will never break.

Choose and style, size, and patina to customize your iron door knocker any way you like. We stand by our work and everything is guaranteed to last forever.

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