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Mortise Lock Heavy Duty

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Custom Door and Gate Mortise Lock

Shown here is a heavy duty mortise lock. Scottsdale Art Factory has this special heavy duty mortise lock produced by one of the world’s top lock manufacturers, especially for our extra thick solid wood doors. This style of lock requires a large grooved pocket to allow for the tempered steel lock mechanism to fit inside the door edge. Also the face mount plates and bolt slide is larger than that of a simple dead bolt. This mortise lock is built with the ability to fit doors that are 2″ – 8″ thick without special adapters or breech in strength. This tungsten steel, heavy duty heavy bolt lock allows for additional strength and security. This mortise lock along with this 3″ thick solid long grain timber door edge is the best fortress entrance door security available.

Order this Lock – both sides keyed – at No Additional Cost

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All Door Hardware fully Installed and Finished

When you order custom doors and gates from Scottsdale Art Factory everything comes fully installed and finished when you order your designer gate or door pre-hung with hardware. All working door hardware is patina color matched to your decorative hardware.

Beware of fast process manufacturers – Most semi custom or fast process door manufacturers design with two primary things in mind: 1) Cutting their cost, and 2) How well each piece will fit in the shipping box so you or your builder can assemble your new door on site. In order to cut cost, they choose door thickness that are known in this industry as “production standard.” These door thickness are mostly under 2 1/4″ thick, and rarely solid structural timber. Most are veneers, with so called engineered cores. This practice is again predicated on cost, not your security or the door’s longevity. This is usually done so a cheap production lock from your local super lumber depot can be used. This has proven to never the best for you and your family’s home security.

Our High Quality Hardware

This door hardware should not be confused with ordinary hardware, normally found on most production or semi-custom doors. The hardware provided by Scottsdale Art Factory has been specifically chosen to accommodate our ultimate custom doors and gates. Learn more about our custom doors.

Contact us with any questions about hardware for your custom door or gate, call 1-800-292-0008.


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