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Moose Forest Scene, Hand Carved Wood Doors – CMD900


Entrance Doors Custom Made
Carved by Master Woodworkers

The perfect solid wood door for any nature lover and outdoor enthusiast! Our Hand Carved Wood Doors can be custom designed with any scene of your choosing. The one featured here captures a majestic moose standing in a forest lake. The hand forged custom door hardware is designed to reflect the sturdy look of a moose antler, and the wrought iron is guaranteed to never rust. You?ll love coming home to this beautiful hand carved solid wood door.

Custom Wildlife Doors Add Majesty and Intrigue to Any Entrance

Male and female moose


Ever since rustic style gained popularity in the 1800s, natural wood doors have been a key feature in mountain lodges and many european hunting lodges. By emphasizing a warm, natural appearance and preserving wood grain, rustic design creates a calm atmosphere and produces furnishings that can last a lifetime.

You want a door that will never break or need replacing, one built by hand the old fashioned way. That?s what we deliver – custom wooden doors, built individually, that you can feel proud to own.

Our Skilled Craftsmen Bring Out the Exceptional Beauty of Cedar Cypress

We source, cut, sand, and join all doors in our very own American factory. Your hand carved wood door will come to you fully finished and protected so it can endure the toughest weather.

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