Moose Antler Sconce - Custom Lighting Designs - LA0923Moose Antler Sconce - Custom Lighting Designs - LA0923

Moose Antler Sconce – Custom Lighting Designs – LA0923

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Antler Lighting – Custom Made Sconces

North American moose are known for their wide flat antlers and those particular antlers make fantastic wall sconces because of the shape. H. J. Nick designed this wall sconce using the flow of the antlers to create a distinctive and unique light fixture. Our master blacksmiths hand forged the copper and wrought iron base for the sconce, giving the fixture the rustic composition that the antlers call for. After our master craftsmen have selected a color and gloss matching pair of antlers from the naturally shed antlers we source, they carefully wire them internally and attach the candelabra sockets according to UL standards. Your custom American made wall sconce is then ready to be mounted in your hunting lodge, cabin, or rustic themed home.

Rustic Decor – Antler Lighting

Order a single sconce for your hall or multiple sconces for your living room to provide a warm glow. No matter how many you order, be confident that each will be handmade by American craftsmen just for you.

  • We handcraft from natural antlers in all styles and sizes – simply send us your photo/design or choose from our designs
  • Residential and Commercial customers welcome
  • All of our antler furnishings are designed in America and hand built in America
  • All antler lighting and chandeliers hang from a hand forged, solid iron structure constructed by master blacksmiths that keep you safe
  • Wired internally, metal shielded and U.L. listed
  • Natural antlers used: no casted copies, no resin antler parts, and no body putty remade parts
  • Naturally Shed Antlers – No animals were destroyed
  • Learn more about our Natural Antler Furnishings
  • See how our Custom Made Lighting is created
  • More Custom Built Product Information

Antler Furnishings – Historical Origin And Design Inspiration

Deer communicate in many different ways including sounds, scent and marking. All deer are capable of producing audible noises, unique to each animal. Fawns release a high pitched squeal, known as a bleat, to call out to their mothers. Does also bleat, as well as grunt. Grunting produces a low, guttural sound that will attract the attention of any other deer in the area. Both does and bucks snort, a sound that often signals danger. As well as snorting, bucks also grunt at a pitch that gets lower with maturity. Bucks are unique, however, in their grunt-snort-wheeze pattern that often shows aggression and hostility.

Antlered deer possess many glands that allow them to produce scents, some of which are so potent they can be detected by the human nose. Three major glands are the orbital, tarsal and metatarsal glands. Orbital glands are found on the head, and scent is deposited from them by rubbing the head, often the area around the eyes, on hanging twigs. The tarsal glands are found on the lower outside of each hind leg. Scent is deposited from these glands when deer walk through and rub against vegetation. The metatarsal glands, found on the inside “knee” of each hind leg, are the most potent.

During the first year the pedicles appear on the young deer’s forehead. The following year, the youngster sprouts straight, spike- like shafts, and in the third year, the first branch appears. In successive years, as the deer matures, his antlers lengthen and, in most species, he acquires additional branches. One can actually determine the age of the deer from the number of branches on his antlers, as their number increases with age.


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