Wayne visible gas pumpWayne visible gas pump

Mobilgas Vintage Gas Pump – Wayne Model 80 – M&S 80 – MGP890


Vintage Gas Pump – Wayne Model 80 – Mobilgas Special

This Is A Non-Working Home Garage Restoration Gas Pump Being Sold As-Is

Lights Up In All Areas Including Globe, Gallons Number Plate, Site Glass and Edge “Ad” Glass

This is a Mobilgas Special gas pump manufactured by Wayne Pump Co., Salisbury, MD. It is a model 80, series 1T with a counter face marked 1950 by Martin & Schwartz, Inc. with a sight glass.

Wayne Pump Company was founded in 1891 as Wayne Oil Tank Company and initially produced a kerosene storage tank and pump combination for use in general stores to dispense kerosene, the common fuel of the time. They began producing gasoline pumps in 1907 and introduced the first “visible” gas pump in 1918. In 1928 they started using the more commonly known ‘Wayne Pump Company’ name. They changed the course of gas pump history when, in 1933, their researchers created and perfected the computing mechanism for tracking gas dispensing. They licensed the computer to a manufacturing company and it quickly became the industry standard mechanism in all brands of gas pumps.

Once visible pumps started to be discontinued, the public still wanted the assurance that the gasoline was free of impurities. Gasoline refining was still being perfected and there was still a larger than normal chance of having particulates in the fuel. Thus the sight glass was used in the newer closed pumps. Just above the counting mechanism, you will see a small window with a geared wheel. While pumping gas, the wheel would spin and gasoline would be seen through the glass. Any particulates would also be seen.

Classic Gas Pump M&S 80 1952


Antique Gas Pump for Sale – Non Working Home Garage Restoration Being Sold As Is

  • All brass parts are solid polished original brass
  • Reproduction globe
  • All sign-age is reproduction sticker
  • All internals have been removed
  • No Working Gas Pump
  • Sold As Is
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