Medieval Two Panel Custom Gate Entrance BCG12Medieval Two Panel Custom Gate Entrance BCG12

Medieval Two Panel Custom Gate Entrance BCG12

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Uniquely Crafted Custom Iron Gate for Side Entryway

Our expert blacksmiths can create any design you can imagine. We’ve been handcrafting the finest custom iron gates since 1913 using only old world techniques. Built from solid wrought iron, this handmade gate door features a secure, magnificent medieval design that will keep your property safe. The two stylized panels are surrounded with hand forged clavos that create a balanced design. All custom door hardware is made for your specific needs and we guarantee every custom wrought iron gate will last forever.

Hand Crafted Wrought Iron Gates That Will Never Erode or Corrode

The medieval times are known for strong designs and castles that stood the test of time. The appeal of our custom gate entrance comes from the real craftsmanship that went into it. Our blacksmiths hand hammer and hand forge every part of it, from the custom door pull to the wrought iron door hardware. Our master craftsmen use the same techniques that built the amazing structures of the past, and we never use fake finishes or hollow castings.

All iron gates are solid metal and are finished with a heat patina that will keep your gate from eroding or corroding. Your custom made wrought iron gate can withstand all types of weather and will always stay locked and secured. You can choose any style and design elements you want, including the patina.

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