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Leather French Revival Chair Handcrafted Wood Furniture – LCF600


Handcrafted Wood Furniture Inspired by French Design

We specialize in the world’s finest American made furniture, since 1913. Built from solid cedar cypress and hand carved, our Leather French Revival Chair is built for your specific needs. This high end custom furniture features quality leather and natural wood. Our expert craftsmen ensure that the style you seek is what you’ll receive, and we guarantee our custom furniture to last forever.

Custom Solid Wood Furniture Perfect for Any Rustic Theme

Though wood furniture has been used throughout the world for thousands of years, the concept of heirloom furniture rose to popularity in the late 1300s. As cities in Europe grew and industrialization increased, city dwellers yearned for the great outdoors. Natural wood furnishings of all kinds – tables, beds, chairs – began filling houses as people discovered the versatility and charm of natural wood.

Our custom handcrafted wood furniture serves as exceptional accent pieces for any living room, den, office, or space that needs a classical aesthetic appeal without sacrificing comfort. The natural leather adds an extra level of charm and is surprisingly smooth to the touch.

Custom Furniture With You in Mind

We hand craft our high end custom furniture to guarantee you receive an exquisite heirloom furnishing you can feel proud to own. Our master craftsmen are trained in old world techniques and our dynamic designs. With little to no upkeep this will become one of your most beloved pieces

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