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Kudu Horn Custom Iron Door PullsKudu Horn Custom Iron Door Pulls

Kudu Horn Custom Iron Door Pulls – HH204


Proudly Handmade In America Custom Designed For Each Individual Customer

Custom Hand Forging Fine Art Door Pulls Since 1913. these kudu horn custom door pulls are hand forged, hand hammered and textured to appear as if they come from the natural rack. Handmade by our master blacksmiths from start to finish never using shortcuts or fake finishes. We only use a heat applied natural oxide patina that gives the color you seek. This beautiful handmade door pull will complete any interior or exterior door. We guarantee our front door pulls will stand the test time and appear better as they age with little or no maintenance

Our In House Master Blacksmiths Forge Our Wrought Iron Door Pulls To Last Forever

Designed after the quiet and gentle Kudu (part deer & zebra) whose homeland is Africa. Our master blacksmiths handmade these solid wrought iron Kudu door pulls resembling their Antlers. The texture and twist is very realistic and true to the Kudu horn. For the love of nature and fine art H.J Nick brings these horn door pulls to our customers homes whom share the same passions.

Fun Fact About The Kudu Horns

A Kudu horn is sometimes used as an musical instrument. Similarly to a Bugle used in most Jewish ceremonies and certain soccer events.

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