High Security Gate Bodiam Castle 14 th Century  - 1216WITHigh Security Gate Bodiam Castle 14 th Century  - 1216WIT

High Security Gate Bodiam Castle 14 th Century – 1216WIT

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Exterior Custom Castle Gate At Bodiam Castle 14th century Built To Last Forever

We Build This Gate In The Same Hand And Materials As It Was Done In The 14Th Century Just As If You Ripped It From This Castle And Installed On Your Home. Not Fast Process Reproduction

Throughout history the entrance to the castle or the village was considered the weakest link. As time progressed Kings commissioned doors and gates to close the gaps that left the kingdom vulnerable. This thick solid cedar replication of the historic castle doors of the past, is the closest you will get to the medieval era as a part of your home. Our custom entry doors are hand hewn, hand sanded and hand stained using the same techniques of the era. We use wood sourced from our own lots, all our wood has been dried in the Arizona sun, we never use kilns to dry our quality wood. Each of our custom wood doors is built by our certified master craftsmen and joined using, mortise and tenon, peg and dowel method; never glued, pressed or fast processed. You can also add any type of door pull or hardware you like, in any color, shape or size to accent, compliment or upstage any of our handcrafted doors. All of our custom hardware is hand forged by our master blacksmiths using methods of the past.

main gatehouse of Bodiam Castle
Main gatehouse of Bodiam Castle


We Build Using Only Old World Techniques That Allow For Strong And Superior Quality

The gate house was a small building with a passage that had to be traveled through in order to get to village or castle on the other side. Not only was the gate house used as a functional part of the castle, it was also used to employ power and prestige from miles away.
The metal gate you see above is called the portcullises, which could be release at any time injuring enemy soldiers who got caught underneath. Along with being a quick safety measure it was also perfect for protection from battering rams, siege weapons and other attacks. The combined use of the wooden door and iron portcullises was an ingenious idea that was used to trap the enemy inside the gate house, so that they could be vulnerable to the gate keeper, who then attacked from above through gaps in the foundation called ?murder holes? the gate keeper would then either attack with arrows and rocks or hot liquids such as boiling water or tar.


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