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Heavy Brush Patina Dock Cleat Iron Door Handles – HH301

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The Iron Door Handles You?ve Been Looking For

Whether your home is rustic, nautical, modern, or another theme, you deserve custom door pulls that will add a unique charm to your interior or exterior door. In honor of the open seas, our refreshing design combines a contemporary look with old world charm. Each Iron Door Handle is hand forged and guaranteed forever.

Dock Cleat Hand Forged Door Hardware
Compliments Any Home

Boats have been used since prehistoric times for over 900,000 years. Today, we still rely on boats for military purposes, to import and export goods, to collect seafood, and for recreation.

When boats dock, they are often tied to a mooring cleat to prevent them from floating back to sea. We designed our Dock Cleat Iron Door Handles to capture the simple yet fascinating appeal of these boat ties. Your door will be transformed as you enjoy the smooth feel of your new custom door hardware.

Why Use a Standard Knob When You Can Own Nautical Cleat Handles?

All Custom Door Hardware is made by hand with an anvil and hammer. The natural patina finish is applied through heat, never painted, so your Iron Door Handles will never tarnish.You can chose and style, size, and patina and customize them any way you like. We stand by our work and everything is guaranteed to last forever.

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