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Hand Forged Antique Hardware, Nautical Cleat Handles – HH300B


Enhance a Nautical Theme with Hand Forged Antique Door Hardware

Mooring Cleat Custom Door Pulls are a great way to add style and charm to any door. Expertly hand forged by our master craftsmen, our refreshing design combines a contemporary look with old world charm, all in honor of the open seas.

For the Boating Enthusiast – Dock Cleat Hand Forged Door Handles

The oldest recovered boat in the world is the Pesse canoe, a hollowed tree trunk that was made around 7600 BCE; however, boats have been used since prehistoric times, for over 900,000 years. These vessels have allowed cultures to transport goods and explore the world. Today, we still rely on boats for military purposes, to import and export goods, to collect seafood, and for recreation.

A dock cleat and rope

Mooring Cleats provide a place to tie a boat to a dock so it doesn?t float away. They are plain in appearance, yet serve an important purpose. We designed solid wrought iron Nautical Cleat Handles to bring the simple yet functional nature of the cleat front and center.

Why Use a Standard Knob When You Can Own Custom Door Pulls That Make a Statement?

All Hand Forged Antique Hardware is made by hand with an anvil and hammer. The natural patina finish is applied through heat, never painted, so your Custom Door Pulls will never tarnish and will last for generations.

You can choose any style, size, and patina and customize them any way you like. We stand by our work and everything is guaranteed to last forever.

To get your own Hand Forged Antique Hardware, Nautical Cleat Handles, call us now: 1-800-292-0008


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