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Hand Carved Entrance Double Doors – DW1312


Own Your Hand Made Double Wooden Doors Today, Made To Your Exact Specifications

Hand carved entrance double doors features a latticework pattern design with a cathedral arch top. Carved by the hands of our master craftsmen. The custom door pull is a Renaissance inspired design made by our blacksmiths, hand forged from solid wrought iron this custom ring door pull is simple, but historically popular. Using anvil hammered techniques and is patina finished; guaranteed to never erode or corrode.

We design all our wood doors that can be crafted in any size and theme from solid cedar wood by the hands of our American craftsmen in our American factory. All our custom double doors are guaranteed to last forever.

Call to request your double door entrance designed and built in the USA from master craftsman at Scottsdale Art Factory 1-800-292-0008.

Master Craftsmen And Expert Blacksmiths Ensure You receive Your One Of A Kind Custom Entry Double Doors

All our hand carved entrance double doors have been artisan designed by artist H.J. Nick and custom built by some of the world’s finest master craftsmen and blacksmiths. We offer only the finest, investment quality doors that have been handmade to your precise specifications. We work directly with builders, designers or you, the customer, to build your custom door the way you envisioned it.


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