hand carved cherry dining chairshand carved cherry dining chairs

Hand Carved Cherry Dining Chairs: For Matching Round Table – FTC998

Chairs Available Individually Or With Matching Round Table, Built From Solid, Matched Grain, Old Growth Cherry, With Detailed, High Reliefs Carvings

A Certified, Original Fine Art Design By Award Winning Artist H.J. Nick


Hand Carved Cherry Dining Chairs: For Matching Round Table

hand carved cherry dining chairsAt ArtFactory.com, we build heirloom quality custom dining tables and chairs from exotic, solid, hardwoods. Not only do we use only the highest quality, all natural materials, but all of our products are handmade by master craftsmen. This means using techniques like hand hewn, mortise and tenon joined construction that history has proven will produce a quality of product that stands the test of time. These hand carved cherry dining chairs are built from solid, matched grain, old growth cherry wood that has been air dried for 7 years in the Arizona desert. The detailed, high relief, acanthus leaf carvings have been carved by the hands of one of our master carvers to fine art quality standards. Carvings by one master's hands are especially relevant in the eyes of fine art appraisers.

The fine art quality, hand carved cherry dining chairs are a prime example of what can be accomplished when the budget is unlimited. They are an original design by award winning artist H.J. Nick, and inspired by art and architecture from the French Baroque period. The acanthus leaf carvings are an element that was especially prominent the style or that era, and was particularly popular during the reign of Louis XIV. Not only does this solid wood table capture the style or that era, but it is also built using the same methods and materials as were correct to that period. It is H.J. Nick's belief that details such as using historically correct techniques and materials are what separates fine art, from low quality reproductions.

Hand Carved Cherry Dining Chairs Matching Table Details

hand carved cherry round dining table with hand carved cherry dining chairs

The hand carved cherry dining chairs are the accompanying chairs to our hand carved cherry round dining table (FTD997)

We offer our hand carved cherry dining chairs as a stand alone, or as a set with matching table. As pictured is a 7-piece set that includes round dining table with 6 chairs. However, this table can be built in any size to accommodate as many, or as few chairs as you need. Not only that, but when we say matching, we don't just mean they style and finish, but matched all the way down to the grain of the wood. This makes it so that your table and chairs form a seamless combination. To top it all off, these chairs feature 8-way hand-tied springs allowing a wide range of movement providing a very even and individual "sit". This is because they move, both up and down, and from side to side. In the construction of these systems, our master craftsmen individually tie heavy-gauge coils from front to back, side to side, and diagonally (eight ways) to provide the highest level of quality, comfort and durability.

Like all of our custom chairs, our hand carved cherry dining chairs are available with your choice of leather or fabric. We offer only the highest quality, full grain American leather, and high thread count fabrics as upholstery. Additionally, all upholstery is hand sewn at our factory by master seamstresses. When you purchase from ArtFactory.com, you will receive nothing but the highest quality materials and craftsmanship inside and out, and top to bottom. In fact, our combination or top grade materials, and master craftsmanship allow us to offer a quality of product that is unmatched anywhere at any price. When nothing but the best will do, call us at 1-800-292-0008 for pricing on these hand carved cherry dining chairs, or any of our other fine art quality dining room furniture.

Exception: Original grain matched show room sets are for sale as built will not be sold separately.

Hand Carved Cherry Round Dining Table Info

  • Size - any size or shape
  • Style - wood, design, hand carvings, decorative accents
  • Finishes - over 400 colors of hand applied stains and finishes
  • Hardware - hand crafted hardware, handles, latches, hinges, accents
  • Learn more about our custom furniture

ArtFactory.com, is a custom furniture, door, and gate manufacturer based in Scottsdale, Arizona, featuring designs by H. J. Nick. We have been designing and building some of the world's finest furnishings all handcrafted in America since 1913. Most of our clients want a furnishing that has a big WOW factor and timeless elegance. They all want investment value furnishings that makes a proper statement reflecting their personality, or the personality of the environment for which the designer custom furnishings is intended.


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