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Gothic Cathedral Arch Custom Entrance Door – GCA1515


A Custom Entrance Door Based on Gothic Design
Built with Old World Techniques

We specialize in creating custom exterior doors that are crafted using real blacksmiths and woodworkers – just like the great cathedrals of the past. Our goal is to capture the nobility of the past and the fine craftsmanship used to build the historic landmarks that stood the test of time. Our Gothic custom entry door is 100% solid wood and guaranteed forever.

History Built into Every One of Our Arched Wooden Doors

Cathedral of Chartres, 13th century


Our Gothic Cathedral Arch Custom Entrance Door carries the rich history of the pointed arch that revolutionized architecture during its time. By providing increased support, buildings like the Chartres Cathedral came to life with grand interiors and openings that let in more light than pervasively possible. The Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres was built around the 13th century and is considered a high point of French Gothic art. It is well know for its fa?ades, which are adorned with hundreds of sculptures showing theological themes and stories, and the Sancta Camisa, a relic some believe to be Virgin Mary?s tunic. Today, it remains a beautifully preserved Cathedral with all the original stained glass windows intact and only minor building changes.

Transform Your Home with a Custom Entrance Door Featuring Ageless Design

Your 4? thick solid wood door is hand crafted by our master woodworkers. The door handles are solid wrought iron that is hand forged and heat patinated to never rust or tarnish. We design each of our Arched Wood Doors to be a cherished part of your home and something you can feel proud to display.

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