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Gullf Oil vintage porcelain signGullf Oil vintage porcelain sign

Good Gulf Gasoline Old Porcelain Sign Genuine Antique – GGP301


Very Collectible Gulf Oil Company Old Porcelain Sign

Dimensions: 12″ Diameter

Own a piece of American history. Porcelain signs are becoming more rare every year. Original old porcelain signs are hard to find. But you?re in luck! We have an authentic Good Gulf Gasoline sign in great condition – perfect to hang in your man cave or add to your collection.

A Porcelain Vintage Sign from Gulf Oil

Gullf Oil vintage porcelain sign
Gulf filling station, 1939


Gulf Oil started in 1901 with the discovery of oil near Beaumont, Texas, on the Gulf of Mexico. From the 1900s to the 1980s, Gulf Oil was a powerhouse global oil company – the eighth largest American manufacturing company in 1941 and the ninth in 1979. Gulf Oil started in 1901 with the discovery of oil near Beaumont, Texas, on the Gulf of Mexico.

The circular Gulf logo lent itself perfectly to the shape of gas pump globes, while shields on the sides of these pumps advertised ?That Good Gulf Gasoline? and ?No-Nox Ethyl,? one of the first uses of the No-Nox name. The gas and oil companies that commissioned high-end petroleum signs wanted their signs to be flawless, and Gulf more than lived up to that ideal.

Vintage Porcelain Signs for Sale in Pristine Collectible Quality

We are experts at finding only top-quality porcelain signs and can guarantee that our old porcelain signs are 100% authentic. When you purchase our authentic Americana and memorabilia, you can rest easy knowing you?ve bought from the best.

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