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Floral Theme Iron Gate: Genuine Blacksmith Hand Forged Wrought Iron – 8614WI

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Floral Theme Iron Gate: Genuine Blacksmith Hand Forged Wrought Iron

Protect your home with a custom gate entrance made in America. We’ve been making custom wrought iron gates since 1913, and our craftsmen use only old world techniques to get you exactly what you need. Built from solid wrought iron, this custom gate features an elegant french design. The iron on this handmade gate is hand forged by our master blacksmiths who can create any design you can imagine. Our wrought iron gate designs are sturdy and guaranteed to last forever.

A Custom Wrought Iron Gate Guaranteed to Never Rust

The Conciergerie in France


The inspiration for this iron gate comes from The Conciergerie, a 13th century building in Paris, France. It was formerly a prison that once housed Marie Antoinette and Napoleon III. It was part of the former royal palace, the Palais de la Cit? and, during the French Revolution, prisoners were taken from the Conciergerie to be executed by guillotine at a number of locations around Paris. The Conciergerie was decommissioned during 1914 and opened to the public as a national historical monument and a small part of the building is used for law courts.

We were inspired to craft our custom iron gate from the history and beautiful complex architecture of the Conciergerie. Our master craftsmen use the same techniques that built this amazing structure, including hammer and anvil to get the beautiful appearance you see above. All wrought iron is finished with a heat applied iron oxide hand patina so it will never erode or corrode. We never used fake finishes.

Security Built Into Every Iron Gate

Your custom made wrought iron gate is crafted to withstand all types of weather and comes complete with custom hardware that ensures it will stay locked and secured. You can choose any style and design elements you want, including patina. All custom gates are finished to be virtually maintenance free so you can cherish this beautiful design for generations.

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