Fallow Deer Custom Antler Mirror, Ebonized Walnut  - EMF976Fallow Deer Custom Antler Mirror, Ebonized Walnut  - EMF976

Fallow Deer Custom Antler Mirror, Ebonized Walnut – EMF976


A Unique Deer Antler Furnishing to Compliment Your Rustic Home

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? You are, of course! You’re the smartest of them all, too, because you chose ArtFactory.com to create this stunning and unique antlered mirror. Our master craftsmen start by ebonizing the wood frame, creating a solid black gloss finish. Then naturally shed deer antlers are sorted by gloss and color and carefully attached to the frame. The large flat antlers of the fallow deer are perfect for this piece, adding flair to the frame and elevating it beyond being just a mirror to being a statement piece. Imagine this beautiful mirror in your home, lending its rustic charm to your decor. Your guests will all be asking where you found it and who made it. Don’t wait another minute; call ArtFactory.com and speak to one of our designers today.

Custom Antler Mirrors to Impress Your Guests

All antlers offered by ArtFactory.com are natural AA Grade, top quality and gathered from the Great North woods immediately after they are naturally shed. We obtain first antlers as soon as possible so they are completely intact and not left to rot or get eaten by rodents. We never use seconds, fake or faux antlers of any kind. We source from the great American Northwoods region because calcium deposits are abundant and result in higher quality, structurally sound antlers.

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Facts About Antlers


Deer communicate in a variety of ways including sound, scent, and marking. All deer are capable of producing audible noises, unique to each animal. Fawns release a high pitched squeal, known as a bleat, while does also bleat and occasionally grunt. Grunting produces a low, guttural sound to attract the attention of any deer in the area. Both does and bucks snort to signal danger. Bucks are unique, however, in their grunt-snort-wheeze pattern that often shows aggression and hostility.

Antlered deer possess many glands that produce scents, some of which are so potent they can be detected by the humans. The three major glands are orbital, tarsal and metatarsal. Orbital glands are found on the head and scent is deposited by rubbing. The tarsal glands are found on the lower outside of each hind leg which leaves a trail on vegetation. And the metatarsal glands, found on the inside “knee” of each hind leg, are the most potent.

During the first year, pedicles (a stalklike structure connecting orange or other parts) appear on the young deer’s forehead. The following year, the youngster sprouts straight shafts, and, in the third year, the first antler branch appears. As the deer matures, his antlers lengthen and, in most species, sprout additional branches. A deer?s age can actually be determined from the number of branches on his antlers, as the number increases with age.



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We produce investment value furnishings that make a proper statement reflecting our client?s personalites or the personality of the environment for which the custom furnishing is intended. Call us to discuss your antler chandelier design ideas at 1-800-292-0008

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