F X Ganter’s – Customer Provided Antique Photo – AHRPT900


F X Ganter’s – Customer Provided Antique Photo

Pool Tables

Customer provided these solid oak and rose wood antique pool table photos of this over 100 year old, six leg 4.5′ x 9′ oak/rosewood pool table. An FX Ganter original made 1898-1900. Hand tooled top grain leather pockets – Mother of Pearl table markers, 1″ Italian slate, heavy cloth playing field. See our interpretation on this design with our Custom Pool Table RHRPT900, built in Original Craft – not reproduction – made in the same hand and materials as the original, designed from the historic record. Constructed in hand hewn, mortise and tenon joints (means master crafted, not fast process) and Built The Old Fashioned Way “When Everything Made In America Was Built To Last Forever” And Craftsmen Were Proud To Sign Their Work. All species of wood available. All structural frames use solid full length timber (no fake laminates, no scarf joints or glued up parts, and no veneers). Master craftsmanship that ensures your custom game room furniture will stand the test of time and become a true family heirloom and valuable future antiquity. All carvings are hand carved by our in house master wood carvers (no cnc, faux casted resin carving, or gang carving). Fine art finish includes a 10-step hand rubbed process – finished to world class antique collector standards (no spray on faux fast paint jobs). Using only the best fabrics and full grain leather (processed at American tanneries only). Guaranteed Forever – backed by over a century of fine craftsmanship since 1913. Order your custom pool table handcrafted at for your game room or commercial establishment.

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Designs By H. J. Nick and, an American manufacturer of custom game room furniture based in Scottsdale, Arizona has been designing and building some of the world’s finest furnishings for interior designers with ordinary clients as well as more prominent and successful individuals, C.E.O.s, leaders, royalty and celebrities for over a century. Most of our clients want a furnishing that has a BIG WOW factor and elegance. They all want investment value and furnishings that makes a proper statement reflecting their personality or the ambiance of the environment for which it is intended.

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FX Ganter Pool Tables – Historical Origin and Design Inspiration

1879 and then a bookkeeper in 1885 for F.X. Ganter in Baltimore, Maryland. … had two trademarks on the word “Oriole” and one patent on a pool table.

Isaac Fuld, the first born son of Jacob Fuld and Mary Abell, was born in the District of Columbia on March 18th 1865. His father, Jacob Fuld, a Jewish German immigrant, left B’dingen, Hesse Darmstadt, Germany with his parents and siblings and arrived in the United States on September 7th, 1854. His mother Mary Abell was born and raised in York, Pennsylvania. Jacob and Mary were married on September 12, 1863 in Reading Pennsylvania. Though Jacob was raised in a Jewish home, it appears he eventually left his faith.

From all accounts and church records Jacob joined the Franklin Street Presbyterian Church on December 31st, 1885 which his wife Mary had joined some five years earlier. Prior to that Isaac joined the same church on March 30, 1883, at the age of 18. Questions still surround whether Isaac and his siblings were raised in a Jewish or Christian household. Likely Jacob married outside his faith and eventually decided to join a Christian church. Jacob did not become a church member until after his father’s death. Whichever household Isaac was raised in it was a large one.

Isaac Fuld was one of ten children, four boys, and six girls. Listed from oldest to youngest; Mary, Isaac, William, Lillie, Henrietta, Raymond, Meyer, Sylvia, Violet, and Flora. According to family stories at an early age Isaac, like his brothers and sisters, had a wild imagination and made up many games to amuse himself and others. He attended public school and at the age of 16 his first documented job was as a clerk in 1879 and then a bookkeeper in 1885 for F.X. Ganter in Baltimore, Maryland. This talent would make him the perfect business partner.

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