western style French doorswestern style French doors

Entry Door – Old Western Ranch – CDW34


Adding his own Western twist to the classic French door, H J Nick designed this set of entrance doors to include all the staples of a Western ranch. Our master blacksmiths first created the basic window grills from wrought iron then added hand forged lariats to complete the upper section of the doors. On the left door is a set of cowboy boots and a saddle, all hand forged, completing the basics of a cowboy’s kit and on the right door is a cowboy in his traditional duster and hat carrying a long rifle, also done in hand forged wrought iron, just as he would look on a cattle drive. The final western twist on these entrance doors is the Colt .45 replica door pulls, also created by our master blacksmiths. Bring a little bit of the Old West to your home with these doors that tell the story of an Old West ranch.


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