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entry door with motion panelsentry door with motion panels

Entry Door – Arched Entry Door With Motion Panels – 1390GP


Arched Entry Door With Sidelight Motion Panels Inspired By The City Chambers In Glasgow, Scotland

Needing more room as their city councils expanded, the city of Glasgow held a contest for the design plans for the new building and William Young won. He had studied Italianate architecture and that influence is seen in the details of the building. Built from 1883-1888, the City Chambers was formally opened by Queen Victoria in 1888. For more than 100 years, this building has been the seat of the city councils and is considered to be a fantastic representation of Victorian architecture and one of the most beautiful buildings in the United Kingdom.

This door is modeled off the main entrance doors of the City Chambers, retaining the grand entrance quality with the large arch and glass transom, even after being altered for the home. Because this is for the entrance to a home instead of a public building, the customer wanted a solid and secure door, but also wanted the ability to let in more light. The problem was solved with sidelight motion panels that can be opened when more light is wanted or closed and securely latched when the additional light is not needed. Whatever you are looking for in a door – light, security, beauty – we at Scottsdale Art Factory can provide. Call and speak to one of our designers today and start working on your own grand entrance.


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