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Entrance Door – Raised Grain Medieval Door – 2990SE


Raised Grain Medieval Styled Entrance Door With Speakeasy

Imagine having an entrance door that looks as if it has just been taken from a 13th century castle. Well now you can. This medieval styled door even has the right amount of distress in the wood to make your friends think it has come straight from the castle. Made from 3″ thick solid wood, this is a door made for security. A speakeasy with a grill makes it easy to see and speak to who is outside without compromising your safety by opening the door. Originally, corner straps provided structural strength for doors, but in this case they are simply hand forged decoration, as are the clavos, meant to accentuate the castle styling. The finishing touch is the hand forged wrought iron ball and twist door pull with a back plate. So call and really make your home your castle today.


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