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Elk Antler Wrought Iron Door Pulls – Custom Handles – HH078


Designed for the hunting enthusiast or outdoorsman, our wrought iron elk antler custom door pulls enhance any cabin, lodge, or rustic home. American made from the highest quality materials, each pair of custom door pulls is as unique as real antlers.

Custom Entry Door Hardware – Hand Forged by Our Master Blacksmiths

Male Elk
Male Elk


Elk are one of the largest deer species in the world and one of the largest land mammals in North America. Their majestic appearance has inspired humanity since before the Bronze Age, resulting in mythologies, petroglyphs, and, in modern times, the use of their antlers for decoration. The elk is well-know as a symbol of fertility and strength, roaming the great North American forests as surveyors of the land. Besides shedding their antlers naturally each year, which can be harvested and used for chandeliers and other furnishing, elk are also a source of velvet.

We drew inspiration from the mighty elk to create our solid wrought iron custom door pulls. Each pull is hand crafted by our master blacksmiths using tried and tested techniques along with good old-fashioned anvil and hammer. Besides creating each set in a unique form reminiscent of natural elk antlers, we advance patina finish the iron so it is virtually maintenance free. Available in any size, style, and finish.

We know you?re ready to own a set of truly exquisite custom door pulls – so give us a call today! 1-800-292-0008


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