Double Entry Doors - Reflecting The Natural Desert - 3022HCDouble Entry Doors - Reflecting The Natural Desert - 3022HC

Double Entry Doors – Reflecting The Natural Desert – 3022HC


Custom Entry Doors Inspired by the Sonoran Desert with Hand Carved Quail and Flowers

Not all of our carvings are of the wild Northern woods. We often get requests for desert landscapes as well. These double doors have custom carvings that show the customer’s individual style and reflects the natural desert by showcasing a Gambel’s quail on one side and a desert wildflower on the other. Gambel’s quail are a common sight in the Sonoran Desert and are named after the American naturalist, William Gambel. They are often seen in groups, called coveys, and when not feeding they tend to walk or run in a line instead of a pack. You can see them run from shrub to shrub, rarely being caught out in the open. Anyone who has lived in the Sonoran Desert can tell you how much fun it is to watch the quail run around in neat lines, hooting as they go.

The wildflower on the other door serves to remind us that “desert” doesn’t always mean barren. When the wildflowers bloom in the desert, they bloom with gusto in huge swaths of color. So don’t feel that because you don’t want pine trees and bears, we can’t help you; we can recreate any environment that you want to showcase at your home.

Double Entry Doors Hand Carved by

Custom Handcrafted Doors – As shown – American Cedar Cypress (a renewable resource wood)
Solid wood exterior door, 3-inch thick wood hand hewn with mortise and tenon construction, full length natural air dried timber. Structural jamb 3-inch thick with 1-inch rabbeted stop on pre-hung exterior door with all weather package. All custom entry doors include adjustable heavy duty crush proof threshold, self-closing adjustable tension hinges, automatic mechanical door sweep, single cylinder deadbolt, and roller style door latches.


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