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Double Door Custom Door Entrance with Artistic Jamb – SJDD880


Bring daring elegance to your home with our Custom Door Entrance featuring a stunning Structural Artistic Door Jamb. Inspired by the armory doors of Arundel Castle in West Sussex, we combined security with a decorative door jamb, so you can relax with added peace of mind and marvel at the beauty of your new door.

History Woven into Each of our Custom Door Entrances

We honor history by bringing classic designs and techniques into the modern age. Arundel castle has more than 1,000 years of rich history which we wanted to capture in a stunning custom door entrance just for you. The castle was completed at the end of the 11th century and the oldest feature is the motte and keep, standing over 100 feet high. Since the 16th century, for 850 years, it has been home to the Dukes of Norfolk.

Security with a Door Jamb That Adds a Touch of Artistic Appeal

The armory doors of Arundel influenced our custom door entrance design through its resident spirit – it withstood many battles throughout the years, including a civil war in the 1600s. We brought the same desire for strength and fortification to our double door with multiple panels and 3? thick, solid wood. Interior locks on the top and bottom provide extra defense and the coppery patina of our wrought iron door pulls compliment the curves of the artistic door jamb.

Arundel Castle South Front
The south front, Arundel Castle


Along with capturing classic designs, we create our custom door entrances and door jambs using only the same techniques used to raise the castles of antiquity. All of our metal work is hand forged by actual blacksmiths and our wood is hand cut and hand finished.

We offer a lifetime guarantee on each of our products. Call today to get started and be prepared to marvel in the fine craftsmanship of your new double door with artistic door jamb: 1-800-292-0008


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