Solid Wood Double Doors With SidelightsSolid Wood Double Doors With Sidelights

Doors – Solid Wood Double Doors With Sidelights – 3300DD


Wood Double Doors With Contemporary Wrought Iron Door Pulls is where classic meets contemporary. This custom made wood door features a design inspired by European castles entrances with the solid 3″ thick wood paneled doors and wrought iron slide bolts and door pulls. Yet these castle doors are brought into the modern times with a contemporary style design on the wrought iron custom door pulls and 1″ thick thermal glass sidelights to allow natural light to stream into the entryway.

Handcrafted Entry Doors

Classic meets contemporary in the way we create as well. Our custom doors are made by original craft. That means we have master craftsmen working on your door every step of the way instead of machines. When we build a door in original craft, that means it is as sturdy, secure, and reliable as the old castle doors you see throughout the world that are still intact on castles from centuries ago. All of our wrought iron is done in original craft as well, hand forged by master blacksmiths. As this door shows, original craft doesn’t have to mean old fashioned; the techniques can create modern things as well. So find your ideas for your custom doors from the old or the new and will be able to create your design on a handcrafted custom wood entry door.

Castle Style Double Doors – These doors feature hand forged wrought iron door pulls and slide bolts. 1″ thermal glass is used in the sidelights. All custom doors include adjustable heavy duty crush proof threshold, self-closing adjustable tension hinges, automatic mechanical door sweep, single cylinder deadbolt, and roller style door latches.


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