Doors – Smithsonian Castle 19th Century America – 1882SCJ


Smithsonian Castle Door With Decorative Hinge Straps And Door Pulls Designed From The Historical Record

Everyone knows the Smithsonian for excellence. They have some of the greatest collections in multiple buildings. But the Smithsonian Castle doors display that excellence as well. Beautifully crafted with detailed decorative iron. Wouldn’t these look fabulous as your personal castle entrance? These doors give the impression of greatness and ArtFactory.com can extend that greatness to you.

James Smithson was the founding donor for the museum that bears his name. In his will he left his fortune to his nephew, but he stated that should his nephew die without an heir, his entire estate should be sent to the United States to found an establishment for knowledge named the Smithsonian Institute. His nephew died in 1835 and the United States government was notified of the bequest. James never traveled to the United States while he was alive, but his remains were brought to the US and interred in the Smithsonian Castle in 1905.

The Smithsonian Castle was the first Smithsonian building, begun in 1847 by architect James Renwick, Jr., whose other works include St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City and the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery, also in Washington D.C. In August 1853, the Smithsonian’s Board of Regents declared that the work of the original architect, James Renwick, Jr., was done. Lieutenant Barton S. Alexander of the U.S. Army Topographic Engineers was asked to take up the architect’s responsibilities for the slowly progressing Smithsonian Building. Under his supervision, the building was finished in 1855.

Own a piece of American history by installing these doors on your own “castle”.

Real Castle Doors Are Our Specialty – Built in the same materials and Original Craft just as these doors have been built for hundreds Of Years. When these age old techniques are applied to your residential or commercial entry door the result speaks for itself.

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