Door Ring Pulls Hand Forged Wrought IronDoor Ring Pulls Hand Forged Wrought Iron

Door Ring Pulls Hand Forged Wrought Iron – HH356A


Wrought iron ring pulls Our simple and elegant will add beauty and a unique charm to any door.

Modern Door Hardware with a Classic Design

The Greeks and Romans used door knockers prominently and for good reason – not only are they aesthetically appealing, they announced when a visitor was at the door. According to them, they also helped ward off spirits with bad intentions. Later on in the 15th and 16th centuries in Europe, door knockers became widely used to make a great first impression on any guests.

Never Hollow and Built to Last – Our Door Knockers Are Expertly Crafted

All of our ring pulls are distinct and durable – guaranteed to last forever. Hand forged by our master craftsman using old world techniques and traditional blacksmithing, they are patina finished by hand and require little to no maintenance. Each door knocker or ring pull is custom designed to fit your individual needs.

Your visitors will love the unique quality of your door, which features a traditional door knocker. Order any size, style, and finish. Call us today to get started: 1-800-292-0008.

This door knocker is featured on our Wood Entrance Door – GD7777

Built the old fashioned way
“when everything made in America was built to last forever”
and craftsmen were proud to sign their work.

Features of Our Custom Door Knockers and Ring Pulls


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