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Door – Interior Arched Door – 3300AT


Solid Wood Arched Interior Door

Who do you call when you decide to replace one or all of your interior doors but they are an unusual size? is your answer. We don’t only make exterior doors; we can match your interior doors as well. Because every item we make is custom made for you, we don’t have any restrictions in the sizes that we carry. It doesn’t matter if you need a six foot door or an eight foot door or a door even larger, we can make the door you want.

Custom Door Manufacturer

A simple and clean arched custom wood door stained by our master craftsmen in one of over 400 finish choices is a great choice for something just a little bit different for your interior. These are solid wood doors, not a hollow core like many interior doors, and will help to block sound between the rooms in your home. If you want some privacy or just don’t feel like hearing the kids watching the television at top volume, these doors can help you relax. So whether it’s one door or twelve, call to bring a little relaxation into your home.


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