cross buck style custom wood doorcross buck style custom wood door

Door – Designed From Historical Record In Antiquity – 9055RPB


Crossbuck Custom Doors

Crossbuck style custom solid wood door, hand crafted in America by master level artisans at As shown: solid 4-inch thick full length timber, finished by hand rubbed 10-step process. Triangular shape windows on the upper panel of this custom handmade single wood door. Shown pre-hung with all American door hardware including automatic door sweep, tension adjustable self closing hinges, and crush proof threshold. Add custom door hardware to your solid wood door, available in a variety of styles and finishes to match your entrance door. Order your custom wood door in any size to fit your entrance specifications, and call for pricing 1-800-292-0008.

Order Any Size Or Style – We Can Help You To Design Your Dream Doors (At No Extra Cost)

Built The Old Fashioned Way “When Everything Made In America Was Built To Last Forever” And Craftsmen Were Proud To Sign Their Work

Good Housekeeping Magazine – Best Design Award 2004

  • Master craftsmanship that ensures your furnishing will stand the test of time becoming a true family heirloom and valuable future antiquity.
  • Fine art furnishing made from solid American cedar cypress – all species of wood available.
  • Historic Design – Original craft, not reproduction, made in the same hand and materials as the original.
  • Designed from the historic record – hand hewn, mortise and tenon joined (means master crafted no fast process).
  • Structural frames hand built using solid full length, air dried timber (no fake laminates, no scarf joints or glued up parts, no veneers, no bolt ons).
  • All carvings hand carved by our master carvers (no cnc, faux casted resin carving or gang carving).
  • Fine art 10-step process hand rubbed finished to world class antique collector standards (no spray on faux fast paint jobs).
  • Master Blacksmithing – Solid hand forged wrought iron created (no castings or hollow faux metals) by the hands of a genuine master craftsman using age old tried and tested techniques.
  • All heat applied iron oxide hand patina finished (no powder coating or faux paint on iron finishes).
  • Guaranteed Forever – backed by over a century of fine craftsmanship since 1913.
  • More custom door product information.


Fine Furnishings by

Designs By H. J. Nick and, an American manufacturer of handmade custom doors and furniture based in Scottsdale, Arizona have been designing and building some of the world’s finest furniture for interior designers with ordinary clients as well as more prominent and successful individuals, C.E.O.s, leaders, royalty and celebrities for over a century. Most of our clients want a furnishing that has a BIG WOW factor and elegance. They all want investment value and furnishings that makes a proper statement reflecting their personality or the personality of the environment for which it is intended. Please don’t be fooled by our upscale appearance. Our prices are usually lower than lesser quality, name brand, mass production, fast process imports, because “We Are The Factory,” hand crafted in America since 1913.


Custom Cross Buck Doors – Historical Origin and Design Inspiration

The Wissekerke Castle is situated in the village of Bazel of Kruibeke municipality in the East Flanders province of Belgium. Although a castle stood at this site since 10th century, the present castle was largely built in the 15th century with lake, park and a suspension bridge. The suspension bridge by the castle is one of the oldest suspension bridges and was built in 1874. Many famous names lived at Wissekerke castle, including the influential family of Vilain XIIII. For 139 years the members of this family were the mayors of Bazel. Through the centuries the castle has been rebuilt and renovated. The most important building works were completed in the 19th and 20th centuries. Most of the present architecture recalls 19th century neo-gothic style. The major interior features also date from this period.

Whether We Build Custom Doors and Products For Your Modern Dream Home Or Ancient Castle every element is always built to future collectable antiquity investment quality standards and will stand the test of time. Destined to become a part of your family’s appreciating financial net worth as well as a proud to own legacy heirloom.




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