Door – Custom Arched Grand Entry – 1381GP


Grand Entry Custom Door Inspired By Forchtenstein Castle

This door was inspired by a 14th century Austrian castle, Forchtenstein Castle, that was the only castle in the region that was never captured by the Turks and was so known for its security that it became an armory, archive, and treasury. Originally built by the Mattersdorf Counts, the Esterhazy family expanded the castle into what is seen today starting in 1635. When the last of the Esterhazy male line died, the castle was no longer used as a residence, but was instead used by the prince to store valuables. During World War II, the underground treasure chamber was left untouched and many of the treasures, antique weapons, and portraits are on display today. With such a reputation for security, one would expect Forchtenstein Castle to be cold, plain, and perhaps even ugly. However, it is also known for its interior beauty and is a wonderful example of the Baroque style.

Taking security and beauty into consideration, this door was created and is just as secure and beautiful as a 14th century castle. A solid wood 3″ thick door fits securely into the jamb, which has a hand carved rope doorstop. A speakeasy has also been installed so you can see who is outside or even have a discussion with someone at your door without compromising your security. The full surround has 1″ thick thermal glass to allow light into your home and is topped with a hand carved keystone. A hand forged wrought iron door pull is the finishing touch on this secure door and adds to its overall beauty.


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