American craftsman doorAmerican craftsman door

Door – American Craftsmen 1900 Cir. – ACD6420


Craftsman Custom Entrance Door With Side Lights – Hand Crafted

This hand crafted entry door was custom designed in the Craftsman style architecture. The Craftsman style door casing and window mounting were built with hand-hewn, mortise and tenon joinery the old fashioned way at the by our master craftsmen.

Our custom build doors, hand crafted for your entrance, can be custom designed by our expert designers using top quality, full length timber, natural air dried, (never force kiln dried) all species of natural woods. This craftsman door was custom built with solid American cedar cypress, a renewable resource. The hardware used is made with hand forged wrought iron, all original craft, not reproduction, made in the same hand and materials as the original American Arts and Crafts style doors.

All wood doors custom made at the are American made, and come with a forever guarantee. Our master craftsmen, under the direction of H.J. Nick, create customs entrance doors the old fashioned way, built to true investment world class standards to become a future antiquity, that will stand the test of time, backed by our 100 years of fine craftsmanship creating custom doors, gates, and furnishing since 1913. Call us at 1-800-292-0008 to discuss your designer door options with one of our master architects.

Custom Wood Entrance Doors

This hand crafted entrance-way door and window was created custom for a client using cedar cypress wood, and hand forged iron hardware in an American Craftsman custom design exterior door.

All designer and custom wood doors are built in Original craft, “when every thing made in America was built to last forever” – the old fashioned way. Our designers can help Design Your Hand Crafted Entrance Door at no extra cost, call us today at 1-800-292-0008.

American Craftsman – Historical Origin and Design Inspiration

The American Craftsman style of architecture grew out of the British Arts and Crafts movement of the late 1890s, and continued as a popular American decorative style until the 1930s. The simple clean-line style was the reaction against the over-decorated Victorian style architecture. The style brought back the simplicity of form, from the natural materials used. The popularity came from the changes in patrons moving from the upper- to middle-class, and the inevitable personal tastes changes, replacing the trend of Victorian opulence, with more simple and elegant design elements.



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