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Hand Carved Custom Entry Doors

The entrance doors of Cologne Cathedral were H J Nick’s inspiration for these divided panel doors hand carved by our master craftsman with decorative hand forged clavos hand forged by our master blacksmiths. Our custom entry doors are made from solid cedar, we hand hewn , hand sand and hand stain all of our custom wood doors. Here at we only use the best wood that is sourced from our own lots and air dried in the Arizona sun. You can chose to add any type of hardware to accent your custom carved door, from handles to pulls you can come up with any custom look you have been seeking. All of our wrought iron pieces are hand forged by our master blacksmiths who apply a special patina finish at over 1000 degrees meaning they will never erode, chip or fade. Customize any door with hand forged decorative accents that are available in over 400 stains and finishes.

Cologne Cathedral
Cologne Cathedral – Cologne, Germany


H.J Designs Influenced By Gothic Cathedral In Germany

The Cologne Cathedral is a Gothic Church in Germany that began construction in the 12th century. This work of art took over seven centuries to complete and is renowned as one of the most perfectly conceived cathedrals in Europe. This inspired H.J Nick to create these custom hand carved doors. With its 32 hand carved panels and over 50 hand forged decorative clavos this closely resembles the famous entrance doors of the cathedral, using the same technique that would have been used on the original you can guarantee that this door will be the topic of the conversation.


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