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Dining Table With Hand Carved BenchesDining Table With Hand Carved Benches

Dining Table With Hand Carved Benches – HCT340


Dining Table With Hand Carved Edge And Hand Carved Benches (Note: this table was shipped prior to side chairs being produced the hand carved bench chairs are for the ends)

It’s easy to imagine family and friends gathered around this beautiful custom table. This is a table meant for entertaining and when not being used for that it will be a beautiful centerpiece for your dining room. With an ox yoke base adding a rustic feel and hand carved detailing around the edge you can be sure this table will be unique in your neighborhood. Not only can you customize the design, but you can also customize the finish with over 400 color choices available to you.

Two hand carved benches help to offset the chairs when hosting a gathering. With full grain leather seats and seat backs, the benches are comfortable as well as functional. The customer provided our designer with the pictures they wanted and then our master carvers created these two heavily carved scenes to the customer’s specifications. One bench features two quail with their chicks. The carvers added great detail in the feathers of the birds and the texture of the tree trunk. The other bench features a wolf chasing a pheasant and also included lots of detail. The fur of the wolf is highly textured and the pines in the background are carved in such a way that the entire picture has great depth.

If you love to entertain and want to stand out during your dinner parties, call Scottsdale Art Factory and speak to one of our designers. We will help you realize your dreams.


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