Dining Table - Antique Dining TableDining Table - Antique Dining Table

Dining Table – Antique Dining Table – XX809



Charles X Dining Table – Antique Dining Table – 24K Gold Guild – Dining Table And Chairs Hand Carved – Epidermis Hide Leather Chairs – 8 Way Tied Suspension Seats – Solid Natural Air Dried Solid Cedar Cypress (renewable resource timber) (not kiln force dried ) – Original Craft, Not Reproduction Made In The Same Hand And Materials As The Original – Designed From The Historic Record – Hand Hewn, Mortise And Tenon Joined (means master crafted no fast process) –

Built The Old Fashioned Way “When Everything Made In America Was Built To Last Forever” And Craftsmen Were Proud To Sign Their Work </div id=”red12″>- All Species Of Woods Are Available Structural Frames Using Solid Full Length Timber (no fake laminates, scarf joints or glued up parts,no veneers – no glue ups – no bolt on,s) – Master Craftsmanship That Insures Your Furnishing Will Stand The Test Of Time – A True Family Heirloom And Valuable Future Antiquity – All Carvings Hand Carved By Our Master Carvers (no cnc, faux casted resin carving or gang carving) – Fine Art 10 Process Hand Rubbed Finished To World Class Antique Collectors Standards ( no spray on faux fast paint jobs ) – Best Fabrics – Top Grain Leathers (processed American tanneries only ) – Guaranteed Forever – Backed By Our Over Nine Decades Of Fine Craftsmanship Since 1913.</div id=”red14″>


Master Blacksmithing Solid Hand Forged Wrought Iron – (no castings or hollow faux metals) by the hand of a genuine master craftsman using age old tried and tested techniques.- All Heat Applied Iron Oxide Hand Patina Finished – (no powder coating or faux paint on iron finishes)
Designs By H. J. Nick and Art Factory. Com LLC a handmade in America custom furniture manufacturer based in Scottsdale Arizona has been designing and building some of the worlds finest furniture for some of the world’s finest interior designers with ordinary clients as well as most prominent and successful Persons,C.E.O.’s,leaders,royalty and celebrities for the last 99 years. Most of our clients want a furnishing that has a BIG WOW factor and elegance. All want investment value and furnishings that makes a proper statement reflecting their personality or the ambiance of the environment for which it is intended.



Please Don’t Be Fooled By Our Upscale Appearance. Our prices are usually lower than lesser quality name brand mass production fast process imports, “We Are The Factory,” Hand Crafted In America Since 1913.



Historical Origin And Design Inspiration</div id=”red16″>


</div id=”red16″>Charles X (9 October 1757 ” 6 November 1836) ruled as King of France and of Navarre from 16 September 1824 until the July Revolution of 1830, when he abdicated. He was the last king of the senior Bourbon line to reign over France.


This Hand Carved Charles X Drum Table, attributed to Alphonse Giroux and Company of Paris, a firm celebrated for their small luxury objets d’art and furniture created with exoctic solid wood materials. The table is conceived in the early 19th century Gothic Revival manner, a design that extends from the beautifully inlaid, circular top, to the pedestal, supported by an architectural, tripod system of arches and flying buttresses. Furnished with one frieze drawer, this rare table is an excellent example of the refined and luxurious Charles X style. The firm of Alphonse Giroux was established in 1799 in Paris. In 1838, the business expanded and began operations under the name of Giroux & Cie.


Charles X (9 October 1757 ” 6 November 1836) ruled as King of France and of Navarre from 16 September 1824 until the July Revolution of 1830, when he abdicated. He was the last king of the senior Bourbon line to reign over France. Charles-Philippe was born in the Palace of Versailles, the fifth son of Louis, Dauphin of France, and his wife, Marie-Josphe of Saxony. His paternal grandparents were King Louis XV of France and his consort, Queen Maria Leszczyska. As the grandson of the king, he was a Petit-Fils de France. His maternal grandparents were King Augustus III of Poland, also the Elector of Saxony, and his wife, the Archduchess Maria Josepha, daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor Joseph I.


At birth, he received the title of comte d’Artois. During most of the reign of his oldest surviving brother, King Louis XVI, he was fourth in line to the throne after the King’s two young sons and his brother, the comte de Provence. However, after the accession of the comte de Provence as King Louis XVIII of France in 1814, he became heir presumptive and was generally known as Monsieur, the traditional title of the eldest of the king’s younger brothers. Charles was charming, affectionate and a witty conversationalist. Despite a flurry of youthful hedonism, he was also devoutly religious. A strong belief in the Roman Catholic Church bound him closely to his younger sister, Madame lisabeth. Charles attended the French and Spanish siege of Gibraltar as an observer in 1782, and saw the destruction of the floating batteries.


As a young prince he was a noted womanizer, popular, well-mannered and entertaining. He struck up a firm friendship with his sister-in-law, Marie Antoinette of Austria. The closeness of the relationship was such that he was falsely accused of having seduced Marie Antoinette by Parisian rumor mongers. As part of Marie Antoinette’s social set, Charles often appeared opposite her in the private theatre of her favourite royal retreat, the Petit Trianon. They were both said to be very talented amateur actors; with Marie Antoinette playing milkmaids, shepherdesses and country ladies, and Charles playing lovers, valets and farmers.


A famous story concerning the two involves the construction of the Chteau de Bagatelle. In 1775, Charles purchased a small hunting lodge in the Bois de Boulogne. He soon had the existing house torn down with plans to rebuild. Marie Antoinette wagered her brother-in-law that the new chteau could not be completed within three months. Charles engaged the neoclassical architect Franois-Joseph langer to design the building. He won his bet, with langer completing the house in sixty-three days. It is estimated that the project, which came to include manicured gardens, cost over two million livres.



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