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solid wood carriage doorssolid wood carriage doors

Custom Solid Wood Carriage Doors Built To Last Forever – CSWD760

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Genuine Hand Crafted Solid Wood Carriage Doors Bring Old World Charm To Your Garage

Now you don?t need to settle for factory-cloned gates or garage doors. Experience the charm of old world luxury with our Custom Entrance Carriage Doors. We built these custom garage doors from an 18th century design. The 18th century was a time when vehicles and horses were stored outside the home. Nothing creates a more elegant look like solid wood and hand forged heat-patinated wrought iron. These wooden carriage doors can be customized to any size and finished any way you like!

Our Classic Carriage Doors, Brings Old World Beauty to Any Residence

Since ancient times, small buildings and gatehouses have been used to protect and store a variety of vehicles – from chariots to stagecoaches. Large carriage doors served as protection from theft and the harsh elements. Later, with the invention of the motorized vehicle, these storage areas became garages that were attached to homes. Though garage doors took on a new style, many people are still drawn to the simple refinement of carriage doors and the upscale look they bring to any home.


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