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custom saloon doorscustom saloon doors

Custom Made Saloon Doors – SWD4236


True Western Style Saloon Doors Hand Made To Your Specifications.

Capturing the famous wild west days, we created our saloon doors. Made from solid cedar wood joined using mortise and tenon ensuring our our custom made doors will last forever. Clavos decorated and backplates are hand forged wrought iron designed by our master blacksmiths, each iron oxide patina is applied with heat allowing the finished western look. All our hardware is guaranteed to never corrode using old world techniques to create every piece.

Wild West Style Doors For Your Home Or Outdoors

Saloon doors were widely used during the wild west days and designed with double acting hinges creating a perfectly closed door. History states that saloon doors were so popular for what we now refer to as bars, because they were open 24 hours a day with no lock and key making it accessible to patrons at all times. Saloon doors became known as an ?invitation to all? who had money to spend.


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