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custom made double doorscustom made double doors

Custom Made Double Doors Castillo De Butron – 2989AT1


Spanish Infusion With a Medieval Twist

This Custom castle door is infused with the medieval Style of the 11th century. Each Custom entry door is hand hewn, hand sanded and hand stained, and put together using mortise and tenon, peg and dowel method. Never fast processed, pressed or glued. We use wood we source from our own lots that has been air dried in the Arizona sun. We never kiln dry our sourced wood. This beautiful raised panel hand carved custom entry door is paired with our hand forged hardware, You can chose from a melody of decorative accents such as clavos, handles and pulls to complete your look.
You can chose from over 400 different stains and finishes, along with customizing even the distress look on your custom wood door. Here at Scottsdale Art Factory you are limited only by your imagination.

Butron Castle
Butron Castle – Biscay, Spain


Straight From a Fairy Tale

Influenced by the beautiful Castillo De Butron in Vizcaya, Biscay, Spain. This castle is known for its fairy tale look. Kate Middelton openly spoke about how she wishes her dream wedding could be at this castle, because of the charming appeal. You can easily envision sword fights and damsels in distress when looking at this medieval castle. Built in the 11th century this castle was built to replicate the medieval castles strewn across Europe. This castle was home to some of the bloodiest battles during the War of the Bands from the mid 13th century to the mid 14th century. The castle was renovated in the 19th century and was used for venues and weddings, but since has been closed


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