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Custom Four Panel Clover Medieval Door – CEDH88


Transform the entrance of your home into a stunning work of art with our Medieval Door Custom Entry. You?ve invested in a home, so don?t settle for a plain veneer door that doesn?t enhance your entryway. Our Custom wood doors provide fortress security and style. Made from solid wood, our exterior doors can withstand any weather condition and will provide much needed peace of mind. We will work with you to create your one of a kind custom exterior door. All of our wooden doors come with a lifetime warranty.

Designed by H.J Nick, this customer wanted an entry door to speak to their Irish culture. Our master craftsmen intricately hand carved the four leaf clovers and side designs, and our highly trained blacksmiths added decorative clavos as an added design allowing the shamrocks to stand out. Along with the Castle style wrought iron door pull, HH348B. Our blacksmiths hand forge and anvil hammer into the perfect shape, requested by you. Our custom door pulls are guaranteed to never corrode.

Erin go Braugh
Flag of Irish State


Shamrock Custom Wooden Door Inspired By 15th Century Design

The shamrock has been a symbol of luck and Irish heritage for hundreds of years. In 1675, it was linked to Saint Patrick as a way to symbolize the holy trinity. Shamrocks are even seen on the Ireland State Flag (below), it is considered to be a run of luck being its extraordinary difficult to find. If you have ever found a four leaf clover, you have the luck of the Irish.

The Medieval architecture and 15th century design provide a beautiful old world look on this handcrafted entry door. Our master craftsman use only old world techniques to build these solid wooden doors, using the mortise, tenon joinery method. This is a hand processed technique that allows you door to be reinforced and stand strong, as it was designed to do.

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