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Custom Entry Door With Solid Wood Side Panels – GFE444


Custom Entry Door With Solid Wood Side Panels

Specializing in custom doors since 1913, our Miramare Castle inspired entry door is handmade by our master craftsmen using old world techniques of mortise and tenon joinery. This one of a kind wooden custom door will warmly introduce all of your guests to your home. The solid wood side panels can be replaced with windows if you would like. Everything is customized to your style so you have no limitations.

Your Custom Entry Door Will Never Need Replacing

Our talented blacksmiths hand forge the solid wrought iron S scroll twisted door pull and decorative door grill covering the functioning speakeasy. Anvil hammered and patina finished, we ensure that our custom door hardware will never erode.

H.J Nick Inspired Design By Miramare Castle

Miramare Castle
Miramare Castle in northeast Italy


Castle Miramare is a 19th century castle built for Ferdinand Maximilian – a Commander in Chief of the Imperial Navy who wanted a residence worthy of his name and rank. He definitely delivered! The castle grounds span 54 acres and features numerous tropical species of plants.

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