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hand carved lodge doorhand carved lodge door

Custom Door – Hand Carved Lodge Entrance – 3023HC


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This grand entrance door displays all the things we can do here at Scottsdale Art Factory. We started with a basic castle door, added sidelights to both sides and a transom overhead. Then our master carvers got to work. They hand carved a giant oak tree, continuing the tree beyond just the door and into the sidelights and transom, matching it perfectly as they went. A watchful buck and a doe drinking from a stream were added with rolling hills behind them, again with the full scene spanning across the sidelights and the doors. Once the carvers are done with their work, the finishers can start to add the brilliant color. We use a 10-step process to apply our finishes and the result of that process is displayed here in the bright and vivid color of the oak leaves. We have over 400 color choices or we can color match a sample you provide to make your own door more than just a door. Our master blacksmiths provided the finishing touch by hand forging oak leaf door pulls and using our patina process to give them a hint of color as well. Create your own grand entrance by calling Scottsdale Art Factory and speaking to one of our designers today.

Grand entrance door with transom and matching side lights that carry through the fine art nature theme of this hand carved custom entry door. Master hand carved heavy detail design of oak tree, leaves, acorns and, deer. Oak leaf and acorn designed door hardware, hand forged wrought iron crafted by master blacksmiths continue the custom door wilderness theme.

We Build Custom Doors In Any Size
Shown: Fine art entrance door is 3″ – 4″ thick solid wood of American cedar cypress (a renewable resource, air dried – not kiln force dried). Hand crafted door created in original craft – not reproduction, fast process methods – made in the same hand and materials as the original door designed from the historic record. Call for custom door design ideas and pricing 1-800-292-0008.

Hand Carved Wood Door in Wilderness Theme Design Doorway

At Scottsdale Art Factory we hand build all our solid wood doors out of the highest quality materials available, utilizing old world, hand crafted techniques, and hand rubbed finishes to ensure your custom wood door lasts for generations. Request a free consultation with one of our design engineers to discuss your entrance door requirements, and we can create a family heirloom quality hand-crafted custom doors.

Custom Built Wood Doors

Custom wood doors built by hand in any size, style, and finish by our American craftsmen, hand made using old world techniques to create a luxury fine art furnishing for your project. We work with builders, dealers, interior designers, and home owners to create custom doors for your residential or commercial design. All hand crafted, solid wood entrance doors, interior doors, garage doors, and exterior doors are built using full length, solid timber (3 inches or more thickness). Further customize your solid wood door with hand carved designs, custom hardware, stained glass windows, or speakeasy portal windows, the choices are endless when you order your custom wood door from Scottsdale Art Factory. Call us to discuss your wood door designs and project at 1-800-292-0008.


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