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craftsman door movable panelcraftsman door movable panel

Craftsman Door With Movable Panel – 1300ACD


Craftsman Style Double Doors with Movable Panel

This door is a representation of the entire Arts and Crafts Movement and the Craftsman style of building. The movement started in force in England after the Great Exhibition of 1851. After seeing mass and machinery produced goods many artists and architects cried foul, saying that machine-produced goods didn’t take into account the purity of the original materials and were, in essence, soulless. These artists began creating simple and organic pieces out of wood, metal, and stone, among other materials. When the movement came to America in the late 1800s, artisans embraced the ideas and began to create furniture, jewelry, and other items with a focus on natural and local materials and nature themes.

Custom Exterior Door – Dark & Light Wood

The architecture of the time changed as well. Craftsman homes were being built with an open and airy feel using simple and time proven building techniques, and many times the aesthetic style was light or white wall with a lot of exposed dark wood. This door uses the same Craftsman aesthetic with light and dark wood together in clean simple lines. Windows at the top of this custom exterior door allow for light into the home without compromising privacy or security, and the movable panel built into the door allows for more light to enter. A wrought iron door pull is perfectly sized within a panel on the door in keeping with the clean lines of this style. Picture this beautiful custom wood double doors at the front of your own home and bring a little art and light into your life.


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