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Craftsman Door in Arts & Crafts Style 8006GPC


Custom Craftsman Doors in Arts & Crafts Style

This custom hand crafted wood entrance door was improved from our original Arts & Crafts doors made popular in the early 1900s. The craftsman door consisted of two vertical panels, intersecting with a third horizontal panel on the top, forming a T-shape design. Variations of this door include single flat panel doors, arched top Storybook-style doors, and glass top panels, sometimes called a transom. This Craftsman style artisan door was designed from the historic record, original craft, not reproduction, using the same hand and materials as the original door design from by our in-house master craftsmen.

We offer custom built doors, hand crafted in the Arts & Crafts style architecture for your entrance in a variety of options to fit the scale of your building or home. From basic doors, to multiple panel glass or metal inserts, in every species of wood we can build your dream entrance way door. Our expert designers create all custom designed doors for you using the best quality wood, full length and natural air dried. All hardware on our designer doors is creating using hand forged wrought iron. All iron product finishes are hand applied patina advance processes, never sprayed on paint or powder coated. All custom designed doors, including Craftsman style doors, are manufactured especially for each customer, using the same hand and materials as the original historically made doors.

Our custom furnishing manufacture process is backed by over a century of fine art craftsmanship. has been creating doors, gates, lighting, and furniture since 1913, building everything to world class standards, providing you with a true investment quality furnishing. All wood doors are custom made in America at our location, and are guarantee forever. Contact us at 1-800-292-0008 to speak with one of our master designers to discuss options for your custom door.

Custom Wood Entrance Doors

This handcrafted entry door was custom created for a client using domestic cedar cypress wood, a renewable resource, and hand forged iron hardware in an American Arts & Crafts styled exterior door.

Wood Entry Door features:

  • American Arts & Crafts style design exterior door
  • Solid, 4″ thick, full length American cedar cypress wood – no veneers, laminate, or glue ups
  • Hand crafted door built using hand hewn mortise, tenon, pegged and doweled joints
  • Built Original Craft – not reproduction
  • Hand process finish on custom wood door design – no fast process spray finishes
  • Solid hand forged wrought iron hardware – no hollow metals or castings
  • Genuine solid copper panel door inlays
  • All custom doors are American made and Guaranteed Forever
  • Order any size or style custom door design for your exterior doors
  • Backed by over a century of fine art craftsmanship

All custom designer wood doors are handcrafted the old fashioned way, “when every thing made in America was built to last forever”. Our door designers can help Create Your Custom Doors at no extra cost, call us today at 1-800-292-0008.

American Craftsman Doors in Arts & Crafts Style

The American Craftsman style of architecture was popular in the 20th-century, with builders like the Greene and Greene architectural firm being one of the most well known for the Arts & Crafts style. The craftsman style door, was a simple T-shaped design consisting of 2 vertical panels intersecting a 3rd horizontal panel. This top panel was often filled with a glass pane to allow more light into the home through the entrance door. The configurations includes simple to multiple muntins of beveled glass, sidelights, leaded glass designs, or a dentil shelf. Craftsman style doors also were well known for their exposed mortise, tenon, pegged and doweled joinery. The Craftsman style door is still popular today, and you can design your door from a simple Prairie style door, to a more elaborate Tiffany inspired transom overhead.


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