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Cowboy Style Wall Mirror / Genuine Lucky Horse Shoes - SWM178BCowboy Style Wall Mirror / Genuine Lucky Horse Shoes - SWM178B

Cowboy Style Wall Mirror / Genuine Lucky Horse Shoes – SWM178B

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Out Of The Old West With A Custom Mirror Designed By H J Nick

Horse Shoes – In some superstitions, a horseshoe is a symbol of luck, said to bring good fortune to those who hang one on the wall. The simple nature of the horseshoe has a rich history, and in America it is associated with the rugged lifestyle of cowboys and the wild west. Our Western Hand Forged Iron Mirrors are an homage to the men and women who participate in rodeos, drive cattle, and who worked hard to settle America and help make it the country that it is today.

A Medieval Tradition Brought to the American West

As the need for horseshoes rose during the age of knights, the craft of blacksmithing became one of the most important staples of medieval and modern times, adding to the creation of metallurgy. Horseshoes became so popular that a tradition was started at Oakham Castle in Rutland in the 12th century requesting all visitors to the town to present a horseshoe to the Lord of the Manor. The castle is still in operation today and its collection of more that 230 horseshoes can be seen decorating the walls.

Custom Made Mirrors

During the wild west in America, cowboys and ranch workers perfected the craft of blacksmithing to accommodate the dry climate. Cowboys were known for their chivalry and simple lifestyle and have become symbols for strength and standing up for what is right. We designed our mirrors to draw attention to the practical nature of the horseshoe while capturing the rugged essence of the west.

Investment Quality Means Your Furniture Will Age with Grace

Just like in the old west, we hand forge our iron using blacksmithing techniques carried down throughout the ages. We custom design each mirror to fully accommodate your needs. All iron parts are patina finished with hand applied oxides fired at over 1,000 degrees. Each mirror is made to hang securely on a wall using iron hardware.


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