Coca Cola Vintage Neon SignCoca Cola Vintage Neon Sign

Coca Cola Vintage Neon Sign: Take Home A Carton Big King Size – CCSS1802

Working Original Condition Vintage Neon Coke “Sign Of Good Taste”

Neon Version Of This Famous Sign From 1958 Is A True Rarity. You Will Not Find Another Sign Like This Currently For Sale.


Coca Cola Vintage Neon Sign: Take Home A Carton Big King Size

This sign is a must have for the serious Coca Cola collector. This sign was Made In The USA in June of 1958 by Robertson. The neon version of this famous style of Coke sign is quite the rarity. To have one in original, working condition is truly exceptional. To the best of our knowledge, this is the only sign of its kind currently available for sale.

The sign is 27 1/2 inches tall and 19 inches wide by 5 inches deep. The sign has a white background with with seafoam green horizontal pinstripes. There is a red fishtail style Coca Cola logo at the top with the words "Sign Of A Good Taste" in white lettering. Both the outer edges of the sign and the logo are outlined with green, neon. Below the logo it reads "Take Home A Carton" in seafoam green letters. The lower half of the sign says "BIG KING SIZE" in large, all caps, red lettering, and with a 6 pack of Coca Cola 12 oz bottles to the right of the wording.

Coca Cola Vintage Neon Sign Specs

  • Condition - Working/Fully Original - Unrestored
  • Product Brand - Coca Cola
  • Manufacturer - Robertson
  • Paint - Original
  • Size - 27.5 In Tall x 19 In Wide x 5 In Deep
  • Year - 1958

Coca Cola Vintage Neon Sign Info

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