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Coca Cola Button Drugstore Sign - VS127Coca Cola Button Drugstore Sign - VS127

Coca Cola Button Drugstore Sign – VS127

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Classic Signs – Drink Coke

Very Rare Original Coca-Cola Double Button Sign from 1950 used indoors as an drugstore advertisement. The classic sign is a double sided flange featuring a red and white Coke button sign attached to a light green drugstore arrow sign. The arrow flange features a sea foam green arrow shape, with white pin striped and the word “DRUGS” in a darker green. The double sided button showcases a red background with the word “DRINK” in white along the top of the button, the words “Coca-Cola” in white script across the center, and the small words “Trade-Mark ®” in white along the bottom of the Coke logo. The sign manufacturer stamp of “A-M 2-51” in black is found on the Coca-Cola button sign, and “A-M 12-50” in black along the bottom of the Drugs arrow flange portion of this classic antique sign.

Condition – as is, see photos we cleaned off the nicotine build up from customers smoke and thats all – not restored, and not a reproduction
Dimensions – 22″ T x 18″ W x 2 1/2″ D

Antique drugstore sign for Coca-Cola soda pop from The Coca-Cola Company created in 1886 by Colonel Jonh Pemberton in Atlanta, Georgia. The sign was manufactured by the Allen-Morrison company of Lynchburg, Virginia.

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Antique Coca-Cola Sign Specifications:

  • Type: Double sided porcelain enamel flange
  • Company: The Coca-Cola Company
  • Product: Coke
  • Era: 1950-1951
  • Color: Red, white, sea foam green and forest green
  • Dimensions: 22″ Tall x 18″ Wide x 2.5″ Deep (Button 16″ Diameter)
  • Manufacturer: Allen-Morrison Company
  • Condition: Original, as-is, see photos for details

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