Castle Door – Inspired by Karlova Koruna – 5019AT


Divided Panel Entrance Door With Full Arch Iron And Glass Transom

This door with an iron and glass full transom was inspired by the Baroque style of Karlova Koruna castle in the Czech Republic. Originally built between 1721 and 1723, Karlova Koruna was the Kinsky family home for centuries and is where they began breeding the rare and much prized Kinsky horse. During the Communist occupation, the family lost the home and the horse breeding was interrupted, but both were returned to the Kinsky family in 1992. The combination of wood, glass, and iron used throughout the castle invites lots of light into the rooms and provides a feeling of warmth.

Created by our designers and H J Nick, this door combines security, beauty, and delicate ironwork into a grand and classical entrance for your home. The doors themselves are divided panel doors made from 3″ thick solid wood. Decorative wrought iron straps at the top and bottom of the doors, decorative clavos at each panel junction, and the hand forged door pulls give the doors an 18th century look. Our master blacksmiths hand forged the wrought iron in the transom to complete this beautiful and grand entrance door. If you are looking for something striking to display to your guests, call us at today.


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