hand carved door river themehand carved door river theme

Carved Door – Hand Carved River Scene – 3100HC


Cabin Entrance Door With Hand Carved River Scene And Sidelight

This door is the perfect entrance door for a cabin, just as the customer intended. A tranquil river slowly rolling through a valley is a beautiful scene. From the moment you approach the door, you will have a reminder of why you are there: to rest and recharge. A wrought iron tree branch door pull is the perfect compliment to the carving, drawing the eye up and into the picture. With a single sidelight, light is allowed into the home but the entrance stays cozy, perfect for a cabin retreat.

Custom Carved Wood Doors

Our master carvers added a lot of fine detail to the carving of this custom wood door, creating great textures and depth. The hundreds of trees along the shoreline are detailed enough to show perspective all the way back to the mountain ridge rising in the distance. Big puffy clouds show, even without color, that it is a beautiful day in the valley. A simple panel door doesn’t have to be flat. Add a carving of your favorite view or your business logo. Pull out that old family crest and revive it on your family home. The possibilities are endless.


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