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Ashford Hand Forged Front Door HandlesAshford Hand Forged Front Door Handles

Ashford Hand Forged Front Door Handles – HH735


The Finest Hand Textured Custom Door Hardware
Designed with Old World Charm

We’ve been hand forging custom door pulls since 1913. The custom door handle is hand hammered and hand textured. The ends curl up into a C-shape, while a round ball rests in the middle of a delicate arch. Crafted for the modern home, this door pull will compliment any theme.

Imagine owning a door handle that is custom designed from solid wrought iron to fit your individual needs. No shortcuts and no fake finishes – we only use a heat patina that guarantees your front door handles will never erode or corrode.

All hardware created by H.J. Nick is guaranteed forever.

Hand Forged Door Hardware with Minimal Maintenance and Big Appeal

We design and craft each pull by hand so you know you?ll receive a true work of art from a real American factory. Our Ashford Hand Forged Front Door Handles are easy to install and are made by real blacksmiths. All hand forged iron hardware is made by hand with an anvil and hammer.

Choose and style, size, and patina to customize them any way you like.

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