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Arched Entry Doors – Custom Wood Double Doors – 3263AT


Grand Entrance Doors Designed From The Historical Record

It’s easy to picture these beautiful double doors as the entrance to a grand salon in the big city in the 1920s. They portray the new luxury and wealth of the time. The nation was in a state of celebration with the end of WWI and the increase in fortunes for many. The birth of radio, the ‘newfound’ jazz music, women in the workplace, and the rise in urban living all combined to create a nationwide feeling of hope and prosperity. From the deep rich color to the unique grapevine door pulls, these doors let people know you like the finer things in life. A lot of the finer things are beautiful because they are handcrafted, as these doors are. Our custom woodworkers and master blacksmiths create works of art every day, and you can own one such as this.

Custom Double Doors with Glass Panes

The eyebrow arch double doors have ¾ glass panels of 1″ thick glass, as do the sidelights. The grapevine door pulls are hand forged wrought iron, as is the floor slide latch with a grape bunch. The colors of the pulls and the latch are achieved through our advanced patina process, not paint, and provide a lifetime of color. All of these little details provide the richness and luxury of the Roaring Twenties, bringing a bit of history and glamour into your home.


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